Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the Australian government has announced that it is offering only 3,000 places from its existing humanitarian intake to people fleeing the Taliban. The government has now clarified that this number is a floor, not a ceiling. This only happened because tens of thousands spoke out, calling on them to do more.

We need to keep the pressure on them. Take action today to call on the government to provide safe passage to those fleeing the Taliban.

People from Afghanistan face unspeakable horrors at the hands of the Taliban. Girls seeking an education. People from ethnic and religious minorities. Human rights defenders, and so many more. Their lives have changed forever. 

You can make a difference by putting pressure on the Australian government to provide safe passage to people fleeing the Taliban. Please take urgent action now.

The Australian government needs to do everything it can to help those fleeing the Taliban.

This includes urgently expanding the humanitarian program and:

  • Granting permanent protection to all Afghan nationals in Australia on temporary protection visas,
  • Expanding the humanitarian intake and offering at least 20,000 additional places for people fleeing the Taliban, prioritising places for women and girls, human rights defenders, and those at risk because of their work with Australians, and
  • Reforming the community sponsorship programs so that people across Australia can welcome people from Afghanistan into their communities.

In 2015, the government offered 12,000 additional places in the humanitarian program for Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Already, the UK and Canadian governments have offered to resettle 20,000 refugees.

Take action and call for the Australian government to act now to provide safe passage to those fleeing the Taliban.