On 22 April, Cristina Palabay received a text message: she would be killed this year. 

Hours earlier someone had shot and killed Bernardino Patigas – she and Bernadino both work with Philippines human rights collective, Karapatan.

Now, we need to act urgently and stop the opponents of human rights killing Cristina as well.

Call on the Philippine authorities to put protection measures in place for Cristina and other human rights defenders now.

Human rights organisations in the Philippines, including Karapatan, face smear campaigns, harassment and threats from the Duterte administration. 

There’s a widely known ‘hit list’ in the Philippines of people standing up for human rights in the country. The list asks the public to report the whereabouts of the targets, putting the lives of Cristina and human rights defenders like her at great risk. 

The police can put protection measures in place to ensure Cristina and other human rights defenders don’t face the same fate as Berardino. 

But they won’t act without pressure. People like you need to demand the authorities to put these protection measures in place. 

It’s up to all of us to ensure human rights opponents don’t block people from demanding justice and a better world for all. 

Act now – demand the Philippines protect Cristina so she can continue her vital work.