José Adrián was just 14 years old when he was brutally beaten by police on his way home from school in Mexico – demand justice now.

José Adrián was on his way home from school when he passed by the aftermath of a fight. Police arrived at the scene but José Adrián was the only one singled out. Police threw him against their car, and an officer stepped on his neck. He was taken to the police station without his parents and hung up by handcuffs.

José Adrián went through all this alone. What’s worse, when his parents arrived, they were forced to pay a fine they couldn’t afford and cover the cost of repairs to the police car.

Because of what happened to him, José Adrián had to drop out of school for a year. He no longer enjoys going outside.

José Adrián is Mayan – in Mexico, as in many parts of the world, Indigenous peoples face many forms of discrimination.

His family are fighting for justice and reparations from Mexico’s authorities. ​”What I want is that they make police better. I don’t want what happened to me to happen to other kids,” he says.

Together we can support José Adrián and his family as part of Amnesty’s Write for Rights campaign – the global moment that brings us together in our millions to defend courageous people like him. Every year, your messages change lives.

Sign the petition and demand that the Mexico authorities:

  • Provide José Adrián and his family adequate reparations
  • Carry out a full investigation on José Adrian’s case, and bring to justice all those found responsible.
  • Demand that police in the state of Yucatán stop arbitrary detentions