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French prosecutors are harassing seven journalists who revealed the French government’s sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

The journalists also revealed those weapons were being used against civilians in Yemen’s civil war. It’s a nasty fact that France’s government doesn’t want us to know, and they’re trying to punish those who have courageously spoken out.

In April, investigative media outlet Disclose published ‘the Yemen papers’. Now, seven journalists have been summoned for questioning by the Intelligence Services after the Paris Prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation against them for ‘revealing a national defence secret’. 

The preliminary investigation could close at anytime, at which point the Prosecutor will decide whether to file criminal charges. 

They’re being treated as suspects and pressured to reveal their sources, and they could face criminal charges. But no journalist should go to trial for revealing their government’s actions are killing innocent civilians.

Your voice is needed right now – urge the Prosecutor to close the investigation against Disclose journalists.