Alaa’s dream was to represent his country in cycling, but at only 21 years old, he struggles to see a future for himself. Not only has Alaa been denied the opportunity to represent his country abroad, he recently lost his leg when soldiers fired on a crowd of peaceful protestors. 

Alaa is one of two million Palestinian people living under an illegal blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel for the past 11 years. Israel controls access to Gaza via air, land and sea and the Rafah crossing on the Egyptian border is often closed.

Alaa and others in Gaza effectively live in an open-air prison. They have only four hours of electricity a day, no clean water, and they can’t enter or leave freely to see family or friends or to get life-saving medical care.

Israel says that it maintains its blockade for security reasons but Palestinians in Gaza are being collectively locked in and punished. Just recently, Palestinians organised mass protests along the Israel-Gaza fence demanding the right of return for millions of Palestinian refugees to their villages and towns in what are now part of Israel. They also called for an end to Israel’s 11-year blockade. Over 100 people were killed, including at least 12 children, and thousands were injured by the live ammunition used by Israeli soldiers, including Alaa, who lost his leg.

As Palestinians in Gaza recover from this tragic loss of life and life-changing injuries, the world needs to show them they are not alone. Israel has not only the power but a legal obligation to lift the blockade and let people in Gaza enjoy their rights. Palestinians in Gaza are asking the world to take action and we must increase international pressure to make this happen.

Add your name to our petition and call on the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and the Minister of Defence Naftali Bennett to immediately lift the blockade on Gaza.

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Prime Minister of Israel
Benjamin Netanyahu
Minister of Defence
Naftali Bennett
Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu and Minister of Defence Naftali Bennett,
I stand in solidarity with the two million Palestinian people in Gaza who have been caged in what is effectively an open-air prison.
For 11 years, Israel’s land, air and sea blockade of Gaza has unlawfully deprived Palestinians of their most basic rights and necessities.
Israel must immediately lift the blockade and end this collective punishment.
Yours sincerely,


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