Nasu was shot and forced out of his home in Otodo Gbame, Nigeria. Demand justice, compensation and an end to forced evictions.

Nasu Abdulaziz used to live in a village called Otodo Gbame in the city of Lagos in Nigeria. Otodo Gbame is an informal settlement, but it has always been his home.  

The men first came when Nasu was 21 – they arrived with guns and bulldozers at night without warning. Acting on the orders of the government, these men set upon the homes of this century-old community, crushing and burning down houses, shooting families and destroying livelihoods.

The men came back again and again. Once, Nasu was shot in the arm and he barely survived. Another time, when the men returned they fired shots and used tear gas to force residents out of their homes. The panicked residents fled – some drowned in the nearby lagoon trying to flee the violence. It is believed that nine people were killed; 15 people are still missing.

In total, 30,000 people have been evicted. Many have been forced to live in canoes, under bridges, or with other people in packed conditions. Nasu is part of the Nigerian Slum/ Informal Settlement Federation, a mass movement of people who won’t rest until they secure their right to a home.

Every year, real change happens because compassionate people like you stand with human rights defenders like Nasu and his community.

Together we’ve helped others across the world stand up for their right to housing and peaceful protest. Your petition signature can convince Nigeria’s government to end the forced eviction of Nasu’s community too.

Sign the petition and demand:

  • An investigation into the forced eviction of Nasu’s community, and to make sure that they are resettled and given full compensation
  • A commitment to a moratorium on forced evictions in Lagos state