The situation in the refugee camp at Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh is bad. Really bad.

Nearly one million Rohingya refugees are living in threadbare camps after they fled their homes in Myanmar due to the military’s crimes against humanity in 2017.

Conditions have always been bad at the camp, and COVID-19 has made them worse. 

‘Learning centres’ where children could study have closed because of the pandemic. 

The challenges faced by Rohingya refugees in the camps reflect a lack of consultation with them. If Rohingya people had a voice in the camps, this would be different.

Mohammod Zubair wants to be a doctor so he can help his community. But he hasn’t been able to study since arriving in Bangladesh in 2018.

Mohammod told us wants the Bangladeshi government to “let us speak for our rights.” 

The Bangladesh government must give Rohingya people a voice in all decisions that affect them.

The future of nearly half a million Rohingya children hangs in the balance.

Sign the petition to urge Bangladesh’s government and the international community to let Rohingya people speak for their rights.