Your right to reproductive healthcare is not protected by law in Australia

Your basic human rights are not protected by law in Australia and are instead protected by a range of legistlation which only cover some rights and don't protect your right to access healthcare, including reproductive healthcare.

We've seen the rollback of abortion rights happen in the US and now people are fearing the reversal of marriage equality.

Australia needs a Human Rights Act so that all of our rights, including the right to access reproductive healthcare, are protected. Without a single Human Rights Act enshrined in law, our rights can be more easily taken away.

Queensland, Victoria and ACT all have their own Human Rights Acts. The rights of people in those states and territories are better protected than those of the people in the rest of Australia. Why not make it something all Australians enjoy?

By introducing a national Human Rights Act, we can create better lives for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has the power to protect and defend our human rights. Call on him to legislate a Human Rights Act now.