Our government is making laws which only protect some rights for some people

The Religious Freedom Bill will only end up pitting different rights, and people, against each other. It must be scrapped immediately.

Under the Religious Freedom Bill, doctors will be able to refuse treatment to the LGBTQ community. Students can be expelled from religious schools for being agnostic. Pharmacists can stop women from buying birth control. 

But there is a way to make sure every single one of us is treated with equality, justice, dignity and respect, no matter who you are or what you believe. 

A single Human Rights Act that defends and protects all rights will make sure your right to religion, freedom, and speech, as well as your right not to be discriminated against, are protected equally.

We know it's possible because Queensland, Victoria and ACT all have a Human Rights Act. Right now, their human rights are better protected. Why not make it something all Australians enjoy?

By protecting human rights in law, we can create better lives for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has the power to protect and defend our human rights. Call on him to legislate a Human Rights Act now.