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Write for Rights is the world’s biggest human rights event, where millions of people around the world come together to protect the rights of others, standing in solidarity with courageous people who are facing human rights abuses. 

When we come together to challenge injustice the results can be truly amazing.  Since it began over 20 years ago, Write for Rights has changed the lives of so many people.

Read about the people we are uniting behind this year. One click and you can sign the petitions of all 10.  

AUSTRALIA: Uncle Pabai and Uncle Paul’s ancestors have lived on islands of the Torres Strait for thousands of years. Now their whole way of life is at risk because of climate change. If the islands become uninhabitable, they will be forced to break these connections and leave their homelands. Call on Australia to take urgent climate action.

BRAZIL: Ana Maria Santos Cruz’s son, Pedro Henrique, organised “Walks of Peace” in Brazil, bringing people together to speak out against police abuses. His activism was met with threats and violence from the police and in 2018, he was shot dead by hooded men. No one has been held accountable. Support Ana Maria in her fight for justice.

ESWATINI: Thulani Maseko dedicated his life to the people of Eswatini, where  60% of the population live under the poverty line and ruled by a wealthy absolute monarchy. Openly critical of repressive laws and state violence, in January  2023 Thulani was shot dead. To date no one has been held accountable. Demand justice for Thulani.

KYRGYZSTAN: Rita Karasartova, concerned for her people’s access to water, peacefully opposed an agreement giving control of a reservoir to Uzbekistan.. Charged with attempting to “violently overthrow the government”, she faces 15 years’ imprisonment and is under house arrest. Demand Rita’s freedom.

MYANMAR: Maung Sawyeddollah was 15 when Myanmar’s military unleashed a campaign of killings and violence against his people - the Rohingya ethnic group - aided by the incitement circulated on Facebook and amplified by the platform’s algorithms. Now, Sawyeddollah and others from his community are calling for reparations. Demand Meta (owner of Facebook) provide an effective remedy to Sawyeddollah and Rohingya communities.

POLAND: Justyna Wydrzyńska felt compelled to help a woman in an abusive relationship access a safe abortion, which is a crime in Poland.  Now Justyna has been convicted, setting a dangerous precedent and making access to safe abortion even harder for those who seek one. Demand the prosecutor general to ensure that Justyna’s unjust conviction is overturned.

SOUTH AFRICA: Thapelo Mohapi has been in hiding since 2021 because of threats to his life. He is being targeted because he is a leader of Abahlali baseMjondolo (AbM), a grassroots movement working to improve the lives of people in South Africa. In 2022 alone, three AbM members were killed. Tell the police to investigate the harassment and killings of AbM members.

TUNISIA: Chaima Issa faces decades in prison for her peaceful activism. Anyone who criticises the president of Tunisia risks arrest and detention. After publicly opposing his actions, Chaima was arbitrarily arrested and detained for over four months. Demand Chaima's full freedom.

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Ahmed Mansoor is a poet, blogger and human rights defender. Before his arrest, Ahmed regularly raised concerns about the detention, torture and unfair trials of dissenting voices in the UAE. Now he is serving a 10-year sentence.  Demand the UAE immediately and unconditionally release Ahmed Mansoor.

USA: Rocky Myers, a Black man with an intellectual disability, has spent three decades on death row in Alabama for murder despite no evidence linking him to the crime scene and a judge that overrode the decision of the jury and sentenced him to death. Tell the governor of Alabama to grant clemency to Rocky Myers.