19/02/2021: On 19 February the Algerian authorities conditionally released Khaled from prison. Khaled passed on his thanks to everyone who supported him. Nearly 10,000 Amnesty Australia supporters have taken action calling for Khaled's release. Amnesty International will continue to campaign for Khaled’s unconditional release. 

Journalist Khaled Drareni is serving a three-year prison sentence for covering protests in Algeria.

In February 2019 a peaceful movement erupted in Algeria called the Hirak. This movement called for political change and for more freedoms, the rule of law, and an end to corruption.

In Algeria, independent press is limited, and as an independent journalist, Khaled played a crucial role in documenting police violence and arbitrary arrests during protests. But on the 27th March, Khaled was arrested after he was caught filming police officers as they approached protesters. He has been locked up ever since.

His arrest and imprisonment is part of a broader crackdown on freedoms in the country. He should not be in prison for covering a protest, and it is crucial for the future of human rights in Algeria that he is set free.

We know that if enough people take action in support of Khaled that we have a chance to set him free, every action counts.

Sign the petition and demand the immediate release of Khaled.