Geraldine Chacón’s passion to defend other people inspired her to work for an organisation which empowers young people in some of the poorest areas of Caracas, her home city. But in February 2018, Geraldine was arrested in her home by armed officials.

The authorities wrongly linked her with “resistance” groups they accused of organising violent anti-government demonstrations. In fact, her persecution is part of a wider government crackdown on people who have criticised authorities and stood up for human rights.

After four months jailed in appalling conditions, Geraldine was conditionally released in June 2018. But she can’t leave the country and her case is still open so she could be arrested again at any time. She and many peaceful activists in Venezuela face daily intimidation, just for trying to make their country a better place.

Tell authorities in Venezuela to stop harassing Geraldine and allow her to continue her peaceful work.

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Attorney General, Tarek William Saab

Dear Attorney General,

I urge you to formally close the case against Geraldine Chacón and grant her unconditional freedom. She is a peaceful human rights defender who has not advocated violence at any stage.

Geraldine was arrested, detained in appalling conditions for four months and intimidated solely on the basis of her peaceful work with young people in Caracas. Though conditionally released in June 2018, she can’t leave the country and could be arrested again at any time for no reason. A passionate and active young member of society should be celebrated, not silenced.

Yours Sincerely,

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