Paing Phyo Min is serving six years in prison after performing satirical poetry criticizing the military in Myanmar.

The Peacock Generation are a group of young people known for performing Thangyat, a popular Myanmar traditional art form which fuses poetry, comedy and music. It uses humour and satire to comment on social issues. 

In 2019, Paing Phyo Min and other Peacock Generation members were arrested after performing Thangyat dressed as soldiers. They made fun of the military, saying it couldn’t take criticism - and for that, Pain Phyo Min is now serving a six-year prison sentence.

“I feel like Thangyat is a symbol of Myanmar democracy. We can express what we want and convey what the public want through this art form.” 

Public pressure is vital to reform repressive laws and release Paing Phyo Min and all individuals behind bars solely for peacefully exercising their human rights.

Take action and urge the Myanmar authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Paing Phyo Min.