Ahead of the 2022 World Cup, millions of migrant workers have moved to Qatar in search of a better future. They’ve left their loved ones behind, and travelled far from home to provide for their families.

FIFA is making huge profits from the World Cup, while migrant workers are suffering to make it possible. They face forced labour, unpaid wages, excessive working hours, and even physical and verbal abuse. 

A recent report by Amnesty International documented domestic workers working, on average, 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In recent years Qatar has introduced a series of major reforms to improve migrant worker’s rights. The authorities have promised better pay and access to justice for abuse - but migrant workers still don’t have the right to join a union, and many other rights.

In 2020 Amnesty International also documented 100 migrant workers working on a World Cup stadium for up to 7 months without being paid. 

FIFA has a clear responsibility to act when workers on World Cup projects are being exploited. FIFA must also publicly call on Qatar to urgently implement reforms so that those contributing so much to the World Cup can fulfil their own dreams of a decent life for them and their loved ones.

Take action and call on FIFA to make the World Cup a game-changer for workers' rights in Qatar.