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Defending human rights
thank you for calling game over


Thank you to those of you who were able to join me at last weeks #GameOver webinar. It was great to see so many people engaging on this important issue.

As we approach the #GameOver National Day of Action on Wednesday, October 28th, it’s important we build as much support as possible. 

If you couldn't make the webinar, no worries. We recorded it, so you can still watch it and find out how you can help build our movement. Watch the recording here. 

Important resources 👇👇👇

Toolkit: Individuals and Groups

Remember, a part of the #GameOver campaign is about engaging with the sporting community and inspiring them to join us in taking action. But we need your help to reach them. With this partnership, we know Scott Morrison and the Government will take notice. 

Human rights impact is possible! Just yesterday, after more than 7 years trapped in detention, Papi and his family boarded a plane for resettlement in the United States. What a huge win! If we can keep up the pressure, we can ensure everyone gets to safety. 

We have also provided a letter template as a guide for you to reach out to sporting clubs, as well as an open letter signed by #GameOver ambassadors such as Liz Ellis and Ian Chappell. Don’t be afraid to give your letter a personal touch. Using your own words to describe your involvement in the #GameOver campaign is very powerful.

Toolkit: Sporting Clubs

This is the toolkit you can provide sporting clubs with so that they know how they can get involved. 

These resources will give sporting clubs a rich background to the #GameOver campaign and highlight why it’s so important they take action. Within this Toolkit, sports clubs will find direct ways they can participate in the #GameOver campaign, and they’ll get access to a template letter that they can send to their local MP.  

Imagine how great it would be if hundreds of sporting clubs around Australia were contacting their Federal members asking them to call #GameOver?

You can find all of these and more under the ‘Resources’ tab on the #GameOver website at

When we come together, we are powerful. So let’s keep building this movement. It’s time to Get People to Safety.

black and white photo of Craig Foster. Text: In hope, Craig Foster. Former Socceroo and Human Rights Advocate

PS. There are ways for you to contribute to the #GamOver National Day of Action. Check out the toolkits to find out how and keep an eye out for more information. 


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