Uyghur academic Tashpolat Tiyip was forcibly disappeared in March 2017. 3 years later his whereabouts remains unknown, and he is at risk of execution.

Tashpolat was reportedly convicted of “separatism” in secret and grossly unfair proceedings, and sentenced to a “suspended death sentence” in 2017. In December 2019, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claimed that he was charged with corruption and had not been sentenced to death.

Tahpolat is an Uyghur, an ethnic minority who mainly live in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, western China. The Chinese government has been stripping away their rights through secret detention of people, controlling who can worship in mosques, and limiting where the Uyghur language can be used.

Call on Procurator-General Li Yongjun to immediately reveal Tashpolat's whereabouts, and immediately halt any plans to carry out the execution of Tashpolat Tiyip.