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Power the change by becoming a Youth Member of Amnesty!

Amnesty International Australia offers FREE membership for 16 and 17 year olds!

As a youth member, you not only help determine the future of Amnesty’s work - you are our future - and your membership really makes a difference! Because with more members, the greater the pressure on those in power, the more positive the outcome on the important issues you care about. By joining a community of like-minded people you can challenge racial injustice, drive action on the climate crisis, end discrimination and violence against women, LGBTQIA+ folks and people of colour. Free people unjustly jailed, bring perpetrators to justice and change oppressive laws.

Our Youth Membership offers opportunities such as:

  • Skilling up through workshops and trainings in youth activism, empowerment and leadership
  • Participating in Amnesty's governance through self-electing and voting in AGMs  to progress human rights and campaign action
  • Networking with other like-minded people in our movement at in-person events, or on our new Online Members Community

Our FREE Youth Membership offers the chance to be supported and empowered in becoming the young leaders that our world needs as we continue to fight for change. Join us today!

Our Supporter Care team can answer any of your questions. Just call 1300 300 920 or email

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!