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Amplify your voice by becoming a Youth Member of Amnesty!

Thank you for taking action and uniting behind those who face human rights abuses. Every year, Amnesty International calls on millions of people like you for Write for Rights to use our collective voice and stand in solidarity with courageous people facing human rights abuses. Will you join us year round and join a collective community of changemakers?

As a young person, the future belongs to you. You have a unique voice that needs to be amplified in order to drive change in our future. The passion, persistence and enthusiasm that young people embody is what makes them such effective leaders of change. You are someone who already cares deeply about creating real and positive change in the world; Continue to defend and advance human rights and challenge injustice year round by joining the largest human rights community of individuals just like yourself!

You can amplify your voice for human rights and power the change by becoming an Amnesty youth member today. Join a community of like minded individuals who help decide which campaigns and issues Amnesty takes on and feed into the general direction of Amnesty in order to shape the future for years to come.

Amnesty offers a free youth membership for 16 and 17 year olds through which you can join committees, stand for leadership positions and vote on important resolutions. You can even feed into Amnesty’s global decision-making meetings. We understand you probably live a busy life so our membership offers the flexibility of participating as little or as much as you like! Regardless of how you chose to participate, rest assured that you are still an integral part of a powerful collective community.

As a youth member, you not only help determine the future of Amnesty’s work, you are our future – you make up the community of people leading our movement with integrity and courage. As someone who already cares about challenging injustice, why not join a community of like minded people using their collective voices to shape this work? If this sounds good to you, we welcome you to be part of this community!

What added impact can I have as a youth member?

As an Amnesty youth member, you get to join a community that helps influence where we focus our campaigning efforts to achieve the maximum impact in defending human rights across Australia. For example, in 2017 members were the driving force behind making our calls for a ‘Human Rights Act’ a priority. This is now included in all of our campaigns and media releases.

As a youth member, you will:

  • Receive a members-only welcome pack with premium Amnesty merchandise
  • Have access to members-only events
  • Be first to receive invitations to broader Amnesty events,
  • Join a community of passionate, like-minded young people 

You can also:

PLUS many more benefits including a members-only online platform & e-learning that are currently in development for our youth members!

In order to activate your Youth Membership, please ensure that your Parental Guardian has signed this consent form and returned it to Alternatively, you can post the signed consent form to the following address:

C/O Supporter Care Team

Locked Bag 23

Broadway NSW 2007

Please note that if the form is not signed and completed your membership will not be activated.

Amplify your voice by becoming a youth member today. You'll be playing an active part in standing strong against injustice alongside 7 million other kind and compassionate humans like yourself across the globe – that’s a lot of people power!

Interested in learning more about our Youth Memberships?

We’d love to hear from you! Contact our Supporter Care team on 1300 300 920 or email We can also answer any questions you have about membership.