In February and March 2022, the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will take place in and around Beijing. But right now, people are imprisoned, disappeared, or detained for exercising their right to free expression. As the world watches the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we cannot forget them.

When Li Qiaochu spoke out about the torture of her partner, who has been detained since February 2020, she received a call from a Beijing police officer who asked her to come “have a chat”.

She has been detained ever since.

Human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng has been missing since 2017.

Tibetan monk Rinchen Tsultrim was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months in prison in November 2020. His family believes he has been imprisoned for expressing political views.

Tibetan monks, writers, protesters, and activists are regularly detained as a result of their peaceful activities.

The Chinese government is using the Beijing Olympics to improve its global image and hide its human rights abuses. We can’t let that happen.

Today, as China continues its unrelenting persecution of human rights defenders and activists, we can all stand in support of freedom of expression in China.

Sign the petition and call on the Chinese authorities to immediately release these brave human rights defenders.