UPDATE 30/11/21: Nagaenthran's execution was temporarily stayed on 9 November after he tested positive for COVID-19. His appeal hearing against his sentence is yet to be set. The President of Singapore can commute Nagaenthran’s death sentence any time — it’s within her power. Please continue to sign the petition and share it on socials.

The death warrant for Malaysian national, Nagaenthran K Dharmalingam, has been issued and he has been scheduled for hanging in Singapore’s Changi prison on the morning of Wednesday 10 November.

His older sister Sarmila said, “when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t stop thinking about him and crying… Our family has been struggling since we received notice of his scheduled execution.” (Twitter)

Nagaenthran was convicted and sentenced to death in 2010 for importing 42.72 grams of diamorphine (heroin) into Singapore - the judges had no choice but to sentence him to death as it was mandatory. His conviction and death sentence have so far been upheld on appeal.

But medical experts who have assessed Nagaenthran found that his cognitive deficits may have contributed towards his diminished responsibility when carrying out his offence. And Nagaenthran’s family and lawyer have expressed deep concerns about Nagaenthran’s mental state and incomplete understanding of his imminent execution.

His lawyer is reported saying Nagaenthran doesn’t really understand what’s happening. He thinks he’s going to a beautiful garden, a happy place 💔 (Sydney Morning Herald, 3/11/2021)

Sign the petition and share it on socials, tagging the Singaporean President @govsingapore - Halimah Yacob. It is within Madame President’s power to halt any execution plans and commute Nagaenthran‘s death sentence - and save his life.