Urge Australia to enact an anti-racism strategy and work towards equality in policing, health care, housing, education and employment. 

Every person should be free to live without fear and abuse, whether they are of Asian, African, Indigenous, Muslim or Jewish background, or are part of any other religion or cultural minority.

Yet the Race Discrimination Commissioner has recently documented an increase in discriminatory and abusive behaviour, including physical violence, towards Asian-Australians. 

There’s also increasing outrage at the racism Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have faced for centuries.

With racial inequality firmly in the spotlight, now is the best time for Australia to act. A truly bipartisan National Anti-Racism Strategy would be a stepping stone to stemming racism and promoting social cohesion.

Together, we can keep the recent momentum up and build a more equal Australia for future generations.  

Urge the government and main opposition party to work together and build an anti-racism strategy for Australia.