Good news! Tran Thi Nga was released in January and is now in America alongside her family. Thank you to everyone who took action! 

Tran Thi Nga shared the following with Amnesty supporters, "I thank Amnesty International for your tireless effort in demanding for my freedom, I am happy that my family are now reunited and living in peace. However, there are still many prisoners of conscience in Vietnam, I sincerely hope that Amnesty International will continue to fight for their freedom."



Mother of two, Trần Thị Nga, was beaten and threatened with death in a Vietnamese prison where she is serving a lengthy sentence simply for her peaceful human rights work. 

In 2017, Trần Thị Nga was arrested for peacefully protesting a major environmental disaster that killed hundreds of thousands of tons of fish and left millions unemployed. She was convicted and sentenced to nine years in prison and five years of house arrest. 

In August 2018, Trần Thị Nga was brutally beaten and threatened with death by another inmate in an attack likely orchestrated by prison guards. Recently, guards banned her from seeing her family as punishment for ‘not following prison principles’ without any further reasons being provided.

Viet Nam is one of the most prolific jailers of peaceful activists in Southeast Asia. Torture and other ill-treatment, including incommunicado detention, prolonged solitary confinement, beatings and deliberately withholding medical treatment remain common practices.

Trần Thị Nga is not safe in prison, and we have grave concerns for her well-being. Will you join with Trần Thị Nga's family in calling for her immediate and unconditional release?

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State President Nguyễn Phú Trọng
Prison Director Nguyễn Đình Ba

Your Excellency / Dear Director,

I call on you to release Trần Thị Nga immediately and unconditionally, as she is a prisoner of conscience detained solely for peacefully exercising her rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly.

Please ensure that pending her release, she is protected from torture and other ill-treatment. And please ensure that all allegations are effectively investigated, impartially and independently, and those responsible are brought to account.

Please also end prison transfers as a punitive measure and ensure that Trần Thị Nga has regular access to her family and lawyer of her choice, as well as to the adequate medical care she may require.

Yours Sincerely,

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