Climate change is the biggest human rights crisis of our time. Australia’s announcement to achieve net-zero by 2050 means little without a clear plan to cut carbon emissions this decade. Australia has a human rights obligation to prevent the foreseeable devastation of climate change. Tell Scott Morrison to urgently take action. 

Every person on earth will be affected by climate change, even if they don’t realise it yet. As the crisis intensifies with each passing day, so do the losses to our human rights which include the right to life, health, food, clean drinking water, and adequate housing.

Australia has been consistently ranked as one of the worst climate performers among developing countries. We’ve only committed to net-zero by 2050 when the rest of the world’s advanced economies have substantially strengthened their 2030 emissions reduction targets. This is unacceptable - 2050 is too late.

The window of opportunity to limit the increase of global average temperatures to below 1.5°C is rapidly closing, and Australia is failing in its duty to be a good global citizen in the climate emergency.

In November, countries of the world are meeting in Glasgow at the UN climate change conference, known as  COP26. Australia is under more pressure than ever before to take bold action on climate change. We urgently need new measures on: reducing our emissions; increasing climate finance; supporting our Pacific neighbours; phasing out fossil fuels, and; ensuring any carbon trading system has human rights at the heart of it. 

Our human rights depend on climate justice. Call on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to meet our human rights and environmental obligations at COP 26.