UPDATE: 27/05/19: This action has been closed in order to handover the signatures to the authorities in Bahrain. Thank you to the 13,773 people who signed, we will continue to monitor the case.

In 2017 Ali Mohamed al-Showaikh fled Bahrain to seek safety in the Netherlands.

But in October 2018 the Dutch authorities sent Ali back to Bahrain where he feared persecution. He was arrested at the airport on arrival and has been detained without trial ever since. 

Ali feared that this would happen to him, if not worse. He should never have been sent back. Ali had a valid passport and was willing to travel to another country to seek safety, yet the Dutch authorities still chose to aggressively pursue his forcible return.

Bahrain has a record of persecuting those who speak out against the authorities and is notorious for torture and other ill-treatment in detention.

Ali is one of many who participated in political demonstrations at the beginning of the Bahrain uprising. Now, he is being detained under draconian counterterrorism laws with limited access to his lawyer and family. 

Ali fears for his safety in Bahrain and could face torture in detention. Will you act to help secure his freedom? 

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Shaikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa

Your Majesty / Your Excellency

In October 2018, Ali Mohamed al-Showaikh was deported from the Netherlands and arrested upon arrival at Bahrain International Airport. I am very concerned he has been subjected to ill-treatment.
I call on you to release Ali Mohamed al-Showaikh unless he is promptly charged before a court with a recognisable criminal offence, in accordance with international law and standards.
Ali must be granted immediate and unimpeded access to his lawyer and adequate facilities to prepare a defence, including access to all evidence held by the prosecution.
Pending his release, please ensure  he is protected from torture and other ill-treatment. 

Yours sincerely