Ana Maria Santos Cruz is a loving mother. She enjoys attending concerts and cultural events with her daughter in Salvador, Brazil. However, since the death of her son, Pedro Henrique, Ana Maria feels like a part of her has been taken away. 

In his short life, Pedro Henrique achieved a lot. An activist and advocate of racial justice and human rights, Pedro Henrique organised “Walks of Peace” in Tucano, Bahia, Brazil. These annual marches brought people together to speak out about police abuses primarily against Black communities. 

These moments of solidarity were met with hostility and intimidation from the police. 
Officers began to monitor Pedro Henrique. They threatened and violently attacked him for his activism. On 27 December 2018, Pedro Henrique was killed, aged 31. His house was raided by three hooded men as he slept next to his girlfriend. He was shot eight times in the head and neck. His girlfriend recognized the three men as police officers.

The officers suspected of killing Pedro Henrique were indicted in 2019. But almost five years on, they are still active in the police force. The investigation into the killing has not been concluded and the trial has yet to begin. 

Despite ongoing threats and the grief of losing her child, Ana Maria has bravely sought the truth about his death, calling on the authorities for a thorough investigation and trial.  

Support Ana Maria in her fight for justice. 

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General Prosecutor of Bahia
Ministério Público do Estado da Bahia
Quinta Avenida, n° 750, 1° andar
sala 129, do CAB (Centro Administrativo da Bahia)
CEP 41.745-004 
Salvador, BA 

Dear General Prosecutor

I call on you to immediately take all necessary measures to ensure an independent, impartial and thorough investigation into the killing of human rights defender Pedro Henrique Santos Cruz, who was murdered on 27 December 2018 in Tucano, Bahia. All those responsible for the crime must be brought to justice in fair trials.  

While seeking justice for her son, Pedro Henrique’s mother, Ana Maria Santos Cruz, has faced repeated threats and harassment. I call on you to take all necessary measures to ensure an end to the continuing judicial and procedural harassment against Ana Maria. 

Yours sincerely