Let’s make Australia Day a day we can all share.

Australia Day should be for all Australians.

But for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 26 January is a painful day that marks the start of colonisation.

Celebrating the beginning of suffering for the world’s oldest living culture, is no celebration. We’re calling on the Australian Government to #ChangeTheDate so that all Australians can celebrate together.

Our country’s history goes back well beyond 26 January 1788. It began over 65,000 years ago – and we’re still making it now.

Let’s respect the survival and resilience of our Indigenous peoples and #ChangeTheDate.

Momentum is growing and this is our chance to make it happen. Get behind this petition to #ChangeTheDate now.


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I call on our elected representatives to:

  • acknowledge that 26 January has a long and painful history for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples; and
  • consult with the community to choose a new date for Australia Day so it can be celebrated by all.


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