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Together we can raise the age and keep kids out of prisons and in their community

Right now, the Australian Government is locking up kids as young as 10 in conditions that are too horrifying to believe.

By locking up young children, politicians are neglecting their duty to keep kids safe. Countries like China, Russia, Germany, Cambodia, Spain and Rwanda have already taken the step of raising the age and Australia must do the same.

They are ignoring proven solutions like community-led support programs that help nurture kids to reach their full potential. There is just no reason to keep kids locked up.

By making a donation today, you can help fund our campaign to raise the age so that more children in Australiag row up happy and safe.


Millions of ordinary people have been putting pressure on governments and corporate powers, achieving amazing things:

  • The ACT government has committed to raising the age of criminal responsibility

  • Children released from police watch houses and 17-year-olds out of adult prisons in Queensland

  • Increased public awareness of human rights over the last 60 years

The most powerful way for you to take part in this movement for change is by making a regular donation. You'll join an unstoppable movement of like-minded supporters who want to create long-term change. You'll help us win more battles.


Amnesty is 100% independent. We will never accept funding from governments or political organisations. This means we’re free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality.

This comes with huge risks: our offices have been closed, raided or spied on in several countries in the last years. Some of our staff have been jailed for doing their work.

But we keep fighting. We keep challenging the systems that enable injustice and abuses. And we'll never stop.

Be the change. Lives depend on it.

All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia.


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