Buzainafu Abudourexiti is one of over one million ethnic Uyghur people imprisoned in Xinjiang, China.

Chinese police took Buzainafu from her parents’ home in Xinjiang, China in March 2017. She was sentenced to seven years in prison in June 2017 on charges of ‘assembling a crowd to disturb social order.’ No one has heard from her since she was taken.

At the time of her arrest, Buzainafu Abudourexiti was about to join her husband Almas in Australia, where they could begin their lives together. Almas has not heard from Buzainafu since the police took her from her parents’ home.

Uyghurs are a mostly Muslim ethnic minority group that the Chinese government has persecuted for decades. Since 2017, China has intensified its campaign of persecution, detaining over one million Uighurs in ‘re-education camps'.

People can be sent to these camps for wearing burqas or having an “abnormal” beard. China claims they receive “vocational training” to help them with their “radical thoughts.” But this training can include verbal abuse, food deprivation, solitary confinement, and beatings. There have even been reports of deaths inside the camps.

Almas won’t give up until Buzainafu is released, but he needs your support to show the Chinese authorities that thousands of people stand with him. Call on the Chinese authorities to release Buzainafu immediately.