Amnesty International has uncovered business links from some of Australia’s most recognised food and beverage brands to the Myanmar military - perpetrators of serious human rights violations against the Rohingya population and other ethnic minorities in Myanmar. 

Kirin Holdings, the parent company of Lion Pty Ltd, is in business partnership with MEHL (Myanma Economic Holdings Public Company Limited). Leaked official documents exposed by Amnesty have revealed how Myanmar’s military receives huge revenues from its shares in MEHL. In providing funding to military units, MEHL is boosting their resources and financing their operations which include crimes against humanity and war crimes.

Australians would be shocked to learn how many of their beloved and trusted brands - including Little Creatures, XXXX, Tooheys, Yoplait, and Just Juice - are owned or distributed by Lion, and could be linked to such serious human rights abuses.

Three years ago, the world watched in horror as the Myanmar security forces committed a widespread and systematic attack on the Rohingya population, including mass murder, rape and razed villages. Hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas were forced to flee from their homes. Around 750,000 sought safety in Bangladesh. Rohingya remaining in Myanmar continue to live in internment camps in apartheid conditions.

Call on Sir Rod Eddington - Chairperson of Lion and Director of Kirin Holdings - to show leadership by ensuring Kirin divests from all business with MEHL and the Myanmar military.