“My plan was for them to have a warm family home close to their loved ones and family members. Now I’m passing on the memories of their first childhood home being destroyed.”

Mohammed Al-Rajabi is from Silwan, a village on the outskirts of the Old City of Jerusalem. Mohammed lived in his home for just two months when it was demolished by Israeli authorities.

Millions of Palestinians live under Israel’s system of apartheid, and at the heart of this violent system, is the Palestinian experience of being denied a home.

Apartheid is a crime against humanity and is committed with the specific intent of maintaining a cruel system of control by one racial group over another.

Amnesty International’s extensive research and legal analysis demonstrate that Israel enforces such a system against Palestinians through laws, policies, and practices that ensure their prolonged and cruel discriminatory treatment.

For over 73 years, Israel has forcibly displaced entire Palestinian communities and demolished hundreds of thousands of Palestinians’ homes causing terrible trauma & suffering.

The dispossession and displacement of Palestinians from their homes is a crucial pillar of Israel’s apartheid system.

Today at least another 150,000 Palestinians are at risk of losing their homes.

As a first step, we must speak out with Palestinians living under Israel’s apartheid. We have the power to demolish this system even if it means one pillar at a time.

Take action now by calling on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to immediately end the forced evictions of Palestinians, and the demolition of Palestinian homes.

Full report: Israel’s Apartheid Against Palestinians: Cruel System of Domination and Crime Against Humanity