The Chinese authorities are detaining Mahira Yakub, an ethnic Uyghur woman. She is being held without any legal representation, nor evidence for the ‘crime’ she's accused of.

Mahira’s parents and sister live in Australia. Family and friends have grave concerns for her wellbeing, especially as she suffered from liver damage during a previous detention.

The authorities detained Mahira in April 2019, and have since accused her of “giving material support to terrorist activity” for transferring money to her parents. According to her sister, the money was transferred in 2013 to help her parents buy a house.

Mahira is part of the Uyghur community in China, a largely Muslim ethnic minority group with their own language and beliefs. The Chinese Government is waging a brutal campaign of fear and torture on the community, designed to wipe out their cultural identity.

Mahira only supported her family – she has done nothing wrong. Call on China’s authorities to immediately release Mahira Yakub.