Four women in Iran face years in prison for standing up for the rights of workers.

The Iranian authorities arrested Atefeh, Neda and Anisha at a May Day gathering in Tehran. Journalist Marzieh then went to the police to ask about the women. They arrested her later that day.

The authorities have charged Atefeh, Neda, Anisha and Marzieh with “gathering and colluding ... against national security.” The women have been held in solitary confinement for weeks at a time. Some have been beaten by prison guards. All have been denied lawyers to help them with their case.

Atefeh, Neda, Anisha and Marzieh knew they faced mistreatment if imprisoned – but they didn’t give up. They kept going to ensure everyone has the right to good working conditions. With your support, they can continue to fight for workers' rights in Iran.

Call on the Prosecutor General of Tehran to release the women.