UPDATE 04/09/20: The seven activists and former prisoners of conscience have been released and have returned to their homes in Papua.  Amnesty International provided logistical support to help them return home.

Lawyers involved in the case expressed their appreciation for the help from Amnesty International and thanked all supporters who took action. Amnesty International will continue to monitor the situation in West Papua. 



Several peaceful Papuan activists have been convicted of treason and sentenced to up to 11 months in prison for their role in an anti-racism demonstration in August 2019.

One of the activists, Henky Hilapok, has recently been released but he is stuck in Balikpapan - over 3,000 kilometers from his home in Jayapura - with no way of getting back.

In Indonesia, the Attorney General’s Office is obligated to help all released prisoners return safely to their hometowns - but they have so far failed to help this peaceful activist, and other Papuan pro-independence activists.

Three other activists, Agus Kossay, Steven Itlay and Buchtar Tabuni are scheduled to be released in August. They must be released - and they must receive the help they need to return to their friends and families in West Papua.

Take action and call for the Indonesian authorities to release all the activists, and provide financial assistance so they can go home to their families.