After years of delay, the Canadian government signed a $19.5 million agreement to build the care facility the Grassy Narrows needs on 2 April 2020!

Thank you to the nearly 20,000 people who took action for the Grassy Narrows in Australia. Your signatures were handed over, alongside 448,418 from around the world, to the Canadian authorities. 

The Indigenous community of Grassy Narrows, Canada, has been devastated by mercury poisoning. Fifty years on, the community’s youth are determined to get justice.

The Grassy Narrows people have a special relationship to the river. Fishing is central to their culture, traditions and economy.

In the 1960s, the government allowed 10 tonnes of toxic waste to be dumped in the river system that sustains the community. The fish were contaminated with extremely high levels of mercury, making them dangerous to eat and causing decades of severe health problems.

In 2017, the government promised to deal with the crisis “once and for all.” This requires cleaning-up the river, providing specialised health care and compensating the community. But beyond these words, the government has done very little to improve Canada’s worst health crisis.  

We all have a right to a safe environment. Indigenous communities have a right to maintain their unique way of life. The youth of Grassy Narrows won’t give up their fight until the government keeps its promises.

These young people don’t have to stand alone. Send a message today and when we deliver it along with millions more from around the world, it will put huge pressure on Canada’s government to ensure the health and safety of the Grassy Narrows Indigenous community. Demand a healthy future for Grassy Narrows youth.

Call on the Canadian government to:

  • Provide specialised health care for survivors of mercury poisoning at Grassy Narrows.
  • Provide compensation to all community members for the impacts of mercury poisoning.
  • Formally acknowledge that the people of Grassy Narrows are suffering from mercury poisoning.