Throughout history, protest has been a powerful tool for change. Today, powerful people, in Australia and around the world, are cracking down on our right to protest. It must be protected. 

The Salt March in India in 1930 against British colonial rule. Protests to protect the Franklin river. Anti-apartheid protests in South Africa. The Wave Hill walk off.

When courageous people protest and speak truth to power, they make the world a better place.

Right now, governments around the world are suppressing protests and silencing critical voices, because too many people in power fear change.

Amnesty’s researchers have documented increasing militarisation and misuse of force by police at protests around the world. Today, peaceful protestors in many countries face stun grenades, sound cannons, pepper spray, tear gas, water cannons and rubber bullets - just for standing up for what’s right.

In Australia, state governments are rushing to pass laws which restrict our right to peacefully protest. In 2022, the NSW Parliament passed laws which threaten fines of $22,000, and up to 2 years in prison for taking part in peaceful protest. Victoria and Tasmania are also about to pass laws with similar penalties.

The NSW laws were rushed through Parliament, as were anti-protest laws in Queensland in 2019. 

We urgently need a movement of people who will take action when our right to protest is under threat. Pledge to protect the protest so you can:

  • take action when a government proposes anti-protest laws,
  • call for accountability when police use force against protestors, and
  • stand up for our rights. 

Without the right to raise our voices in protest, the world would be a very different place. Together, we must protect the right to protest wherever it is restricted, whenever it is at risk. Pledge your support to protect the protest today.