The Voice will mean governments listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples' expert advice on how to create a better future for their communities. But Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples cannot win this referendum alone; to change the course of our shared history, we must work together for a better future. Will you make a pledge to vote 'YES' in the upcoming referendum? 

The Indigenous Voice to Parliament presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples to have their right to inform decisions made about their lives enshrined in the Constitution, protecting this right into the future. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples know and understand the best way to achieve and protect their human rights, and have fought for the right to inform the decisions made for their families, their communities and their lands for generations.

“I see the referendum as the most meaningful thing we can do to bring our voices together, to change the course of this country and to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across the continent. As a human rights organisation, it’s fundamental for us to seize this landmark opportunity. I am proud that Amnesty International Australia has heard the call from Uluru, and to work alongside you all as we create history together.” Rodney Dillon, Amnesty International Australia’s Indigenous Rights Advisor.

The Voice to Parliament was proposed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart. The Uluru Statement is the culmination of over a decade of work and extensive First Nations consultation which arrived at a consensus about what Constitutional recognition should look like.

The road to the Uluru Statement from the Heart has been a long one even without mentioning the decades of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activism that came before it. A series of regional dialogues were held across the country, culminating in a National Constitutional Convention at Uluru in 2017, where First Nations adopted the Statement.

The Uluru Statement is an invitation from First Nations people to all Australians. One of its key features is to ask Australians to support meaningful Constitutional recognition through providing a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

The Voice is a transformative initiative, which seeks to rectify the historical marginalisation and exclusion of Indigenous People from decisions that profoundly impact their lives. At its core, the Voice strives to create an inclusive platform where Indigenous voices are not only heard but valued and respected on matters of national importance.

Make your pledge now to vote 'YES' to the Voice!