On May 20 2020 Amnesty released the details of the deaths of 304 people killed by Iran’s security forces during last November’s ruthless crackdown.

This research has again concluded that the security forces’ use of lethal force against the vast majority of those killed was unlawful.

Six months later, the devastated families of victims continue their struggle for truth and justice while facing intense harassment and intimidation from the authorities.

Amnesty International will contrinue to campaign and call for members of the UN Human Rights Council to mandate an inquiry into the killings, and identify pathways for truth, justice and reparations.

For months, Iranians have been peacefully protesting for change and government accountability. Iran’s security forces have responded with force, killing hundreds and imprisoning thousands more.

Amnesty researchers spoke to a man in Shiraz, Iran, who went to light a candle for those killed in the recent plane crash. When he arrived, security forces were “beating everyone with batons all over their bodies; it didn’t matter if they were just passing by.” 

On 24 February, world governments will be meeting at the UN Human Rights Council. Iran’s treatment of brave protesters is expected to be on the agenda.

As world governments prepare to meet at the UN, we now need a critical mass of pressure to hold Iran accountable and get innocent people free. 

Sign the petition and demand that Iran frees peaceful protesters.