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After receiving death threats, Valquiria needed somewhere safe to go. She fled with her seven-year-old son Abel* to the US border, seeking asylum. But for seven months now, the US authorities have imprisoned her and separated her from Abel.

In her home country of Brazil, Valquiria had received death threats from drug traffickers. They said they would kill her and her son, no matter where they fled to in Brazil.

But when Valquiria and Abel sought asylum at the US border, the US authorities forcibly separated them and continue to imprison Valquiria while she waits for a decision on her asylum claim.

When we interviewed Valquiria, she wept as she recounted the moment US authorities separated her from Abel. She told us how the separation from her son had lessened her will to live.

Abel is now staying with his father, who is in the US as he pursues a separate asylum claim. Abel often stares at the door, waiting for his mother to come home.

Valquiria shouldn’t be behind bars and separated from her child. People seeking safety need justice and safety, not further anguish.

Act now  – tell US immigration authorities to immediately free Valquiria while she pursues her asylum claim.

*Name changed

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ICE Field Office Director, Marc Moore
Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Cameron Quinn

Dear Mr. Moore / Mr. Quinn,
I urge you to immediately grant Valquiria humanitarian parole while she awaits the decision on her asylum claim appeal, as parole should be granted for humanitarian reasons where the person does not pose a threat to public safety and presents no flight risk.
I call on you to provide psychosocial support to Valquiria and her son, to help them recover from the trauma experienced from their unlawful family separation.