Update 27/07/20: Yesterday, 24 refugees were feared to have drowned while trying to swim to shore near Langkawi in Malaysia. Today, they were found alive on an inslet, but noone should have to face these horrors simply to seek safety - take action now and call for the Australian government to help coordinate search and rescue operations.

Hundreds of Rohingya refugees are stranded at sea, and dozens of lives have already been lost. 

They have fled a brutal campaign of violence in Myanmar, and only want to seek a better life for their families.

The Australian and Indonesian governments, as co-chairs of the 2016 Bali Process, have committed to coordinate search and rescue missions to help boats in distress.

On 25 June, the Indonesian authorities spotted and repaired a boat off the coast of Aceh with 94 Rohingya refugees on board. They were preparing to push it back to sea, when locals protested until the refugees were brought to shore.

The Aceh community took risks so that these people could seek safety - it's time for the Indonesia and Australian governments to step up.

We need your support to show them they must rescue the Rohingya people stranded at sea.

Take action and call for the Australian and Indonesian governments to coordinate search and rescue operations.