Write your message of hope to the people on Manus and Nauru:

Send a message of hope to people suffering in offshore detention facilities.

Following the re-election of the Morrison Government a wave of self-harm and attempted suicide has swept across Australia's offshore detention facilities.

We are extremely concerned that this deprivation of hope may end in a death.

The men and women detained on Manus and Nauru need to know that people in Australia are with them, and that they are not forgotten.

For almost six years now, innocent people who came to Australia seeking safety have been warehoused, and kept in conditions that Amnesty has designated as 'torture'.

Show the refugees and people seeking asylum on Manus and Nauru that Australians do care, and want safety and protection for them.

Please send a message of hope and solidarity to the women and men of Manus and Nauru now.