In November 2019, the politicians who had the power to keep young children out of prison failed to act. 

Instead of raising the age that kids can be locked up  – from 10 to at least 14, which is in line with international standards – our politicians extended a ‘review’ into how to do it. 

But while our politicians continue to ‘review’ how to make this important law change happen, there are people who can act now. Urge Australia’s Police Commissioners to adopt a moratorium on arrests of any child under 14 now. 

Progressing the review of the age of criminal responsibility is the right thing to do, and this will ensure that the age is eventually raised. However, the longer the Attorneys-General delay, the more children get caught in the quicksand of the youth justice system.

An extension of the review in order to work out how to implement this reform is proof that there is the will to raise the age. While there is this will, it is wrong to continue to lock up kids  under 14. 

We can’t, and won't sit idly by and watch this happen. Steps need to be taken now to get kids out of prison.

For as long as the minimum age of criminal responsibility is under review, we are urging Police Commissioners around the country to adopt a moratorium on arrests of any child under the age of 14. Will you add your voice?