17-year-old Dipti Rani Das has been locked up for over a year - all because of a Facebook post.

She was arrested and detained under the draconian Digital Security Act and faces up to seven years in prison if found guilty.

Dipti loves painting and writing stories. She had enrolled to study her first year of arts before she was arrested, but hasn’t been able to study in prison.

In recent years the Digital Security Act has been deployed as a tool for repression in Bangladesh. People from all walks of life have been disappeared, detained, tortured, and one person has even died in prison - simply for speaking out.

Dipti’s father told Amnesty International, “I wish that my daughter has the opportunity to freely move in the society, complete her education and build a future.”

When thousands of people like you take action it puts pressure on the Bangladeshi government, letting them know that the world is watching - and that we will not rest until Dipti and everyone detained under the Digital Security Act is released.

Dipti should be laughing with her friends at school, not locked up and alone in prison. Take action now and demand that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina releases Dipti, and puts a stop to Bangladesh’s crackdown on freedom of expression online.