LGBTQ people in Australia are being targeted by fake 'counsellors’ and organisations with the promise of being ‘fixed’ or ‘healed’ through conversion therapy and other sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts (SOGICE).

The messaging and resulting activities used as part of conversion therapy and SOGICE are hurting people and making them feel guilty for being who they are. Young people are often the target of these harmful practices. 

LGBTQ young people are more likely to experience mental health issues and these programs cause more harm at a time that young people should be receiving support, education and understanding, not being exposed to programs that shame and scare them.

In Victoria, the Government has taken action against groups performing conversion therapy. The Health Complaints Commissioner now has the power to issue public warnings and can ban them from practising in Victoria. The Victorian Government is the only state and territory in Australia that has shown leadership on this issue and has taken steps to protect LGBTQ people from harm.

Amnesty International has signed onto the SOGICE survivors statement calling on the Australian Government to end the harmful practices of SOGICE.

Stand with the LGBTQ community and call on the Prime Minister, First Ministers and Health Minister to ensure SOGICE can’t be practised in your state or territory and that it's time for them to protect LGBTQI people from harm.

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Dear Prime Minister, First Ministers and Health Ministers, 

I call on you to protect people from being harmed by sexual orientation and gender identity change efforts (SOGICE) by:
  • preventing SOGICE by raising awareness of its practice and that it is harmful and ineffective
  • calling for an inquiry into the extent, prevalence and harm of SOGICE
  • regulating mental health professionals, counsellors, and school programs, to prohibit SOGICE
  • supporting LGBTIQ+ and mental health organisations to boost awareness and support survivors.
Yours sincerely,

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