Did you know that your basic human rights are not protected by law in Australia?

Human rights protect us all, ensuring everyone is treated equally, regardless of our sexuality, race, gender, age, or beliefs.

Australia’s human rights protections are currently found in a range of legislation that can put different rights, and people, against each other.

In February 2022, the Religious Discrimination Bill threatened the rights of LGBTQ+ people, women, people with disability, and even other people of faith, by proposing that people could use religion to discriminate against others. 

A Human Rights Act would protect people against discrimination based on their religious beliefs, and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people, people with disabilities, and women. 

Implementing a Human Rights Act in law would make a meaningful improvement to all our lives. A Human Rights Act that protects all rights will mean everyone, everywhere will be protected and can live with dignity and respect.

By legislating a national Human Rights Act, we can create better lives for ourselves and for those around us. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has the power to protect and defend our human rights. Call on him to legislate a Human Rights Act now.