22/07/20: After 1,051 days (almost 3 years!) in immigration detention, Kelly is free! Thank you to everyone who took action for Kelly in Australia, this action is now closed. 

Kelly Gonzalez Aguilar, a transgender woman from Honduras, sought asylum in the US in August 2017. She has been detained by immigration authorities ever since.

Kelly fled Honduras because of violence against her as a transgender person.

Kelly has now waited in detention for the results of her asylum claim for nearly three years, including spending months in solitary confinement solely because of her gender identity.

Now, Kelly risks contracting COVID-19, which is easily spread in detention facilities. Despite this risk the authorities won’t provide hand sanitiser or face masks to detainees like Kelly, and it is impossible for them to socially distance themselves.

All Kelly wants is to live safely and without fear. She has a community waiting to welcome her, and there is no reason to keep her detained while she awaits her asylum decision.

Demand the authorities immediately grant humanitarian parole to Kelly while she awaits the decision on her asylum claim.