Ciham Ali was just 15 years old when she disappeared while fleeing from Eritrea. Nine years later, she’s still missing. Her family fears what she may be suffering in a country with notoriously dangerous prison conditions. As a US citizen, the US government has the power to help Ciham. You can make all the difference by putting pressure on the authorities now.

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Eritrea, Ciham had big dreams. A fan of Lady Gaga and Green Day, she was determined to become a fashion designer when she grew up. But at 15, her hopes were shattered. 

On 8 December 2012, Ciham was arrested at the Sudan border as she tried to flee Eritrea. Her father Ali Abdu, then Minister of Information under President Isaias Afwerki, had fled to exile just as the military attempted a coup against the government. The rumour was that Ali Abdu had supported the coup and Ciham may have been arrested in retaliation. 

Nine years on and no one – not even her family – knows where Ciham is being held. She hasn’t been charged, nor has she been brought to trial. It’s as if she’s vanished. 

Eritrea is notorious for imprisoning people in underground containers where they suffer extreme cold and heat. There are reports of many people dying from torture, starvation, infection and other appalling treatment in these jails. 

While other children her age might have headed to college, Ciham has been suffering unknown horrors.

Although she’s a US citizen, Ciham has been ignored by the US government. So far, they’ve remained silent on her plight, even though they have the power to influence Eritrea. If we raise our voices together - tens of thousands of people across the world - we can force the US government to act. You can help reunite Ciham with her family by taking action now.

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