We are survivors of conversion practices. LGBTQA+ Australians like us are at risk of these harmful practices, which tell them they're 'disordered' and 'broken.' 

The conversion movement makes pseudoscientific claims that tell LGBTQA+ people they can change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Research and the testimonies of survivors have revealed that 10% of LGBTQA+ Australians are at risk of conversion practices, and that such practices are prevalent across Australia. 

Thanks to the advocacy of survivors and allies, LGBTQA+ Victorians and Canberrans are now protected from harmful conversion practices. Victoria’s world-leading legislation came into effect in February this year - it is based on the most comprehensive research and informed by the most prominent survivor groups in the world. It also includes the creation of a Civil Response Scheme that has powers for education, research, and investigation.

But other state and territory governments have failed to introduce reforms that effectively address and ban these harmful practices.

Together, we can insist that Australian governments work with survivor groups, such as SOGICE Survivors, Brave Network, and Ending Conversion Practices WA to draft effective legislation to combat conversion practices and ideology around the country.

Stand with us and with the LGBTQA+ community and call on Australian governments to protect LGBTQA+ people from conversion practices.

Amnesty International has signed onto the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Change Efforts (SOGICE) Survivor Statement calling on the Australian Government to end conversion practices, by signing this petition you are also endorsing the SOGICE Survivor Statement.