Marielle Franco fought fearlessly for a fairer and safer Rio de Janeiro. She was a popular city councillor who grew up in the favelas and stood up for the rights of women of colour, LGBTQI people and young people. "Marielle embodied the rights she stood up for," says her partner Monica. She also condemned unlawful killings by the police.

On 14 March 2018, Marielle was shot dead in her car, along with her driver, Anderson Pedro Gomes. Evidence suggests the murder was carried out by skilled professionals, and experts said the bullets had belonged to the Brazilian Federal Police.

Brazil is one of the world’s deadliest countries for human rights defenders like Marielle, with at least 70 killed in 2017. Too often, the killings are not investigated and those responsible go free. People who stand up for human rights live in constant fear.

Together, we can show the Brazilian authorities we won’t rest until justice is done. Urge the Brazilian President to bring Marielle’s killers to justice, including those who ordered the crime, and to protect others like Marielle from further attacks.

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President of Brazil, Michel Temer

Dear President,

Today, I demand that you ensure a prompt, thorough, impartial and independent investigation into the killing of human rights defender Marielle Franco.

This must identify both the shooters and the people who ordered her killing, as well as the motivation for the crime. All those responsible must be brought to justice through a fair trial that meets international standards.

I also urge you to take all necessary measures to prevent further threats and attacks against human rights defenders like Marielle, including by restoring the programme of protection for human rights defenders in Brazil.

Yours Sincerely,

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