11/03/2021: On International Women's Day, Amnesty International South Africa, Popi's sister Lihle and her mother Nomsa, handed over 316,796 petition signatures from Amnesty supporters to the South African Police Service. They committed to re-investigating Popi and Bongeka's case. Thank you to the 9,904 activists in Australia who took action calling for justice for Popi and Bongeka.

On a Friday night in May 2017, two young women were brutally murdered, sparking outcry across South Africa. Their killers have still not been brought to justice. 

On 12 May 2017, 24-year-old Popi Qwabe, and 28-year-old Bongeka Phungula, hailed a taxi heading for a night out.

The two were not heard from again. Following a frantic search, the terrible truth was discovered. 

Popi and Bongeka had been shot dead and dumped by the side of a road. They may also have been raped.

Two men were arrested in connection with the murders but were released due to a lack of evidence. According to the families, the police failed to investigate the murders, including failing to check for fingerprints in a taxi containing the women’s bloodstains and belongings.

It has been three years since Popi and Bongeka's deaths, and despite national outcry, nobody has been brought to justice. 

Sign the petition and demand justice for the death of Popi and Bongeka.