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You can help end the death penalty everywhere

The death penalty is irreversible. As long as it exists, innocent people will be executed.

When Amnesty International started campaigning against the death penalty back in 1977, only 16 countries abolished it. Today, 108 countries have abolished the death penalty in law for all crimes. More than two-thirds of all countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice.

But there are still countries that execute people at alarming rates. Excluding China, the world's leading executioner, 80% of all reported executions in 2021 took place in just three countries – Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

We can end the death penalty for good but this lifesaving work is only possible because of our caring, courageous and generous donors - the people who make Amnesty International a powerful force for change. To keep going, we need your support. Will you donate to fight the death penalty and support people whose lives are at risk across the world?


Millions of ordinary people have been putting pressure on governments and corporate powers, achieving amazing things:

  • Thousands of lives saved and changed all across the globe

  • More than 140 countries have abolished the death penalty in law or practice

  • The establishment of an International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute people suspected of committing genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes

  • Increased public awareness of human rights over the last 60 years

The most powerful way for you to take part in this movement for change is by making a regular donation. You'll join an unstoppable movement of like-minded supporters who want to create long-term change. You'll help us win more battles.


Amnesty is 100% independent. We will never accept funding from governments or political organisations. This means we’re free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality.

This comes with huge risks: our offices have been closed, raided or spied on in several countries in the last years. Some of our staff have been jailed for doing their work.

But we keep fighting. We keep challenging the systems that enable injustice and abuses. And we'll never stop.

Be the change. Lives depend on it.

All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia.





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