Your basic human rights should be protected by law in Australia. They are not.


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Right now, our government is trying to make various laws that only protect some rights for some people. But human rights only work when everyone’s rights are protected and upheld by the law.

That’s why Australia needs a Human Rights Act, so we can make sure everyone’s rights are protected and that everyone is treated equally and justly regardless of race, nationality, sexuality, gender identity, religion or beliefs.

When we protect human rights, we can create better lives for ourselves and our fellow human beings. 

A complicated web of laws that pit different rights, and people, against each other simply won't work. We need one Human Rights Act that makes sure your rights to religion, freedom, and speech, as well as your right not to be discriminated against, are protected equally.

Make a regular donation today to help us put a human’s right act on the government’s agenda.

Australia is the only liberal democracy not to have a national human rights act. Together, we must pressure the government to safeguard the rights of every Australian.

If you believe that every single person in Australia deserves dignity, respect and compassion, no matter who you are or what you believe, and if you agree that we should all live in safety, with the freedom to make choices about our own lives, then it’s time to speak up for your rights.

We’re 100% independent and always will be

Amnesty doesn’t accept funding from governments or political organisations. This financial independence means we’re free to campaign with objectivity and impartiality and to defend human rights worldwide.

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