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Millions of people are at risk

Right now, brutal war is breaking out in the centre of Europe. Russian soldiers have crossed the border into Ukraine. Cities are being bombed, and lives have already been lost.

We must protect the millions of people at risk in this devastating war. Families will be torn apart and homes lost forever. They face the terrifying reality of widespread food shortages and a global refugee crisis. The consequences for human rights could be devastating.

Russia has a long history of causing harm to civilians. That's why we need researchers working around the clock monitoring the conflict and exposing human rights abuses to the world, so we can pressure leaders to act and stop the bloodshed. Please give today to make sure this vital work takes place to protect and save lives.

Please donate today

Your caring gift could be a lifeline for Ukrainian children and adults at risk. You can help fund lifesaving crisis response work like: 

  • Urgent security, relocation and accommodation for those in imminent danger.

  • Ensure Amnesty's expert researchers can work around the clock to monitor human rights abuses, expose them to the world, and put pressure on leaders to take action.

  • Medical relief for activists and others displaced by the crisis.

  • Pressure the Australian government to resettle Ukrainian refugees, in addition to our planned refugee intake, so more people can find safety in Australia.
  • Supporting global advocacy efforts to ensure human rights are the number one priority of governments around the world.

The situation is deteriorating so rapidly and dramatically that we must act now. None of this work is possible without your support. Please donate today to help those who are at imminent risk.

Through the Global Emergency Fund, you can save lives

Amnesty International’s Global Emergency Fund is held in reserve to provide lifesaving relief to those whose human rights are in danger.

To keep going, we need your support. Regular donations from kind, caring people like you can provide ongoing, reliable funds that we depend on to investigate human rights abuses, expose the truth, and mobilise people to take action.

All donations of $2 and over are tax-deductible in Australia.


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